Four years have passed since the Inter-American Court declared that the Ecuadorian State is internationally responsible for the violation of the rights to consultation, indigenous communal property and cultural identity, to the detriment of the Kichwa Indigenous People of Sarayaku for having allowed a private oil company carried out exploration activities in its territory, since the end of the 1990s, without having previously consulted it, or having adopted the necessary measures to guarantee that Sarayaku would participate through its own institutions and mechanisms, and in accordance with its values , uses, customs and forms of organization, in making decisions on issues and policies that affected their territory, life and cultural and social identity for a maximum period of three yearsimages

Within this judgment, the Court indicated several measures that the Ecuadorian State should have complied with within a period of no more than three years, among these measures was included the removal of the pentolite planted by the CGC oil company in Sarayaku territory and the regulation of the prior, free and informed consultation of the indigenous peoples, which to date have not been fully complied with, concerned about the lack of respect and contempt for the sentence by the State, the people of Sarayaku asked the Court IDH a hearing to monitor compliance with the sentence in order to express our concerns.


That is why a representative delegation of the Kichwa People of Sarayaku made up of their kurakas (traditional authorities), leaders, technicians, headed by President Félix Santi and his lawyers, Dr. Mario Melo and the legal team of CEJIL, are meeting in a stage of preparing the necessary documentation to be presented at the hearing to monitor compliance with the sentence, this December 2 at the Inter-American Court of Human Rights - IACHR, in the city of Costa Rica.

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