Today, November 8, 2016, the Director Dr. Tania Masson of the Council of the Judiciary of Pastaza, and Gabriel Bustos, Departmental Head of Access to Justice and Legal Pluralism of the Council of the Judiciary of Quito, visit the Original Kichwa People of Sarayaku , this important visit is materialized by Tayjasaruta's invitation to engage in a high-level dialogue and specify clear proposals for the administration of Ordinary Justice and Indigenous Justice.

On this occasion Tayjasaruta proposes to the Council of the Judiciary the full implementation of the exercise of indigenous justice, within his proposals it includes:
 Declination of powers to exercise and apply indigenous justice within the territorial circumscription of Sarayaku.

 Recognition and accreditation of the ancestral judges and the Wio security group.
 Coordination between ordinary justice and indigenous justice in case of lawsuit by or against members of Sarayaku.

 Training of the personnel of the public force in matters of treatment and respect for people, human rights and groups of the Indigenous Peoples.
 Creation of a rehabilitation center with ancestral recovery methodology.

Hernán Malaver, a legal technician from the Sarayaku people, gave a conference on the guidelines to make effective the application of indigenous justice with full powers.
The Ancestral Judges of Sarayaku, Wio Internal Security Group, Students, Technicians, Former Presidents of Sarayaku, People in general participated in the meeting.

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