Sarayaku is a historic town that has been strengthening its way of life, its culture, identity, knowledge and ancestral knowledge, transcending from generation to generation.

As a people of Sarayaku, one of the cultural customs that is celebrated is the uyantza, a four-day festival that to the sound of the drum was celebrated annually until the years 2010 _ 2011 then biannually until the last consensus of the Great Assembly of the People Originally Kichwa from Sarayaku from the year 2016 – 2017, it was decided to commemorate this festival every three years in order to conserve our Living Forest.

The celebration of Uyanza unites us men, women, children, adolescents from Sarayaku. In this festival the women dedicate themselves to the harvest of yucca for the elaboration of chicha  In each house of the prioste that will supply the four days of the party, they are also in charge of making the baro ceramics that will be used during the party.

Meanwhile, we men entered the jungle for fifteen days to hunt and fish that will serve to feed all the people who participate in this great festival.

One of the instruments that men use during the four days of the festival is the piguano and the drum.

 The elaboration of the drum consists of first looking for and cutting a silk tree that will then be carved and dug according to the desired dimension that normally the length dimension should be between 23 to 25 cm long; Next, it is sanded and molded, and two leathers are adjusted at each end of the drum. The leathers used are peccary and mono cosumbo. The nomo cusumbo leather is used as a back mold and is known as tzigaru; and sagino leather is used for the mold of the front and is normally called waktana. The last step is to adjust with natural string that is removed from the bark of the pita in a zigzag shape to achieve the desired sound.


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