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To make any type of chicha, the fundamental bases are saliva and yucca, these two elements are mixed with the different products grown in the KAWSAK SACHA.

Daily consumption.

It is prepared with cooked cassava, then it is put in a tray, then chewed, mashed with a maso called Takana muku, it will make the mixture and the dough smooth, this process takes between an hour to cook and 40 minutes to prepare, then it is stored in clay pots.

For special events.

In these cases it has the same process but it has a particularity that is the (PANSHISHKA) this consists of putting banana leaves inside the clay pot (TINAJA), which works as a filter, this allows the maximum of the dough to be preserved in the bottom of pot.

This drink has been kept alive until today since time immemorial because it has been transmitted from generation to generation in the native peoples of the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Chicha (ASWA) has also transcended borders breaking paradigms and stereotypes since it is being marketed in the cities of the Amazon region.

For our worldview, chicha strengthens the harmony between the AYLLUS, also creating a form of cultural expression.

In this article we will talk specifically about the chicha that is made in Sarayaku, Pastaza province of Ecuador.


  • Special events, mingas, parties, daily consumption


In sarayaku  this activity is carried out specifically by women, for the western world it may seem macho, for us as native people it is a space where women transmit their love and affection towards their loved ones, currently in the cities they call it the Amazonian kiss .


Lumu Aswa (cassava chicha)

Chunda Aswa (chonta chicha)

Inchik Aswa (peanut chicha)

Sara Aswa (corn chicha)

Shiwa Muyu Aswa (ungurawa chicha)


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