Place: Ancestral Kichwa Village of Boberas                                                       Date: October 6, 2012.

The Kichwa peoples and communities of the Bobonaza basin, concerned about the negative situation that is currently being experienced due to the prior consultation on the eleventh round of oil bidding, carried out in an illegitimate and unconstitutional manner by the Secretary of Hydrocarbons, have seen the need to organize a decisive assembly where strategies are defined to face this threat. The intervention without consultation of the undersecretary of hydrocarbons in the communities and towns of the interior has sown a climate of concern that destabilizes the organization processes of the communities and towns.

Prior consultation has already caused ruptures in the socio-organizational relationship of the nationalities, such is the case of the Sápara nationality; We don't want to be the next case. Therefore, we believe that the peoples and communities of the Bobonaza basin, since our existence, have sought the Sumak kawsay according to the philosophical conception of the Kichwa runa, particularly we have committed ourselves to the Sumak Allpa "Territory without contamination", since here it is develops all the ancestral wisdom and the knowledge of harmonic coexistence between the Sacha and the Kichwa runa (Man-Nature). That has been our philosophy and practice of life, which we hold firm to the present day.

Under these precepts we have created a comprehensive management plan for the territory in order to ensure the sustainable management and administration of natural resources using alternatives, standards and our own strategies that ensure the Sumak kawsay of the present and future generation. For this, it is also necessary to establish clear agreements and policies to guarantee the defense of the territory, the life heritage of our peoples.

However, today there is strong pressure that seriously threatens these territories and even more so with the rights of indigenous peoples due to the so-called Prior Consultation. In this framework, the communities and peoples of the Bobonaza basin are organizing this meeting of the Kichwa people of the Bobonaza basin. “Kawsaymanta Tantary” in order to clarify and refute the information coming from the prior consultation that tries at all costs to break the organizational structures of the communities and peoples. The meeting constitutes a space for demonstration, decision-making and solid resolutions aimed at reaffirming the unity of the Kichwa communities and peoples of the Bobonaza river basin.


– Strengthen the community governments of the Bobonaza basin by making collective decisions that ensure territorial and social unity as the Kichwa people.

– Define positions, strategies and actions in the face of the threats generated by the extractivist policy of the central government, especially with the progress of the eleventh oil round and the holding of prior consultation in our territories.


Community/InstitutionTotal participants
Khatun Mill5
Amazon Commune1
Bobonaza Kichwa Council5
Kichwa Council of Pastaza1
Total 100 participants




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