Oil block 74 and 75

We are naturally farmers, collectors, hunters, medicinal plants, ayawaska, stories and ancient memories. We are walkers of pampas and mountains in the heart of the jungle to the sound of a million melodies that never tire of happiness.
Men, women who walk in the dark without fatigue and regrets, sliding gently along the murmur of the waves and backwaters of the River ‎Bobonaza Y ‎Rotunous.
the dough, girl of yuca finely elaborated by women feeds us with energy blessing the strength.
The jungle, our house equipped with shigua panga (palm) leaf mattresses together with the gentle warmth of a wood fire transmits the message of spiritual prosperity.
We are the jungle itself of the isango and tilimango ticks that penetrate and shake our skin to the sound of nocturnal butterflies and white blanket mosquitoes, we are leaders, politicians, professionals and intellectuals, we are true revolutionaries
We are hundreds and millions of eyes that carefully monitor the treasure of its habitat to protect every millimeter from predators and enemies of mother nature.
We are Sacha Runas by DNA in defense of our Home la Selva Viva. Strangers do not know and will not defeat us.
(Angun G)
Sarayaku Selva Viva, oil free.


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