On May 15, 16 and 17 of this year, the Original Kichwa People of Sarayaku will celebrate their PACHAMAMA PARTY in honor and thanks to Mother Earth and in commemoration of the great march of 1992 ¨Allpamanta Kawsaymanta Jatarishun¨, that achieved the legalization of the territories of the Original Peoples of the South East Amazon.

 The Pachamama festival is a call to unity and reunion of the ayllu (families) of the peoples and nationalities.

 For three days, Sarayaku will demonstrate the wonders of the ancient Kichwa culture and rekindle their connections with the Kawsak Sacha (living jungle).

 We cordially invite you to participate in our Amazonian games and sports, try the exquisite traditional food and drinks, accompany the students to the oath of the flag, enjoy demonstrations of Kichwa arts skills such as singing, face painting of wituk and the realization of mukawa, attend to the positioning of our new kurakas (traditional authority) and to culminate, on Sunday, admire the dance of the Sarayaku women around the Amishaiki.


 For an optimal organization of your stay in Sarayaku, please confirm your participation, before May 13, 2015, to the Sarayaku coordination office in Puyo, at the following numbers and emails: Telephone: 03-2-883 979


 We recommend that our visitors insure their field accessories (tent, sleeping bag, flashlight, rubber boots, rain poncho, food, water, repellent) and what they consider necessary for their stay in the jungle.

 NOTE: For security reasons, Sarayaku reserves the right to enter its territory.






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