Pronouncement of the Original Kichwa People of Sarayaku in its seventh ordinary general assembly against the implementation of oil exploration and exploitation projects and the eleventh oil round that affects the territories of the Kichwa Peoples of the Bobonaza basin.

 The Kichwa Native People of Sarayaku gathered in the house of MEDIO DIA in its seventh Ordinary General Assembly, on May 2 and 3, 2015, deeply analyzes the issue of the eleventh oil round and the supposed prior consultation that it has been implementing. the government of President Rafael Correa with the intention of exploring and exploiting oil in the territories of the original peoples. Regarding this matter, the Assembly makes a reminder that, from always until always Sarayaku has been rejecting with a NO resounding to oil activity in its territory. In 1989, Sarayaku signed an agreement called the "SARAYAKU AGREEMENT", a historic event that revealed to public opinion the absolute rejection of the Arco Oriente company in its territory. In which, the total suspension of oil activity and immediate exit of the company Arco Oriente from the Landayaku well is requested.

However, in 2002 and 2003, the territory of Sarayaku was invaded by the CGC company from Argentina with the intention of carrying out seismic exploration activities within the sacred territory of Sarayaku, without first seeing the consultation and consent process carried out. prior informed consent, thus violating the human and collective rights enshrined in the Political Constitution of Ecuador and international treaties on the rights of indigenous peoples.

Event that led to a lawsuit in the Inter-American Human Rights System, which over more than ten years of legal and political struggle, on July 27, 2012, achieved a ruling from the Inter-American Court favorable to Sarayaku, condemning the Ecuadorian State for the violation of various rights of the Sarayaku people, among them: the right to communal property over their territory, the life and integrity of the people. In whose judgment establishes the non-repetition guarantee that in the event that it is intended to carry out activities or projects for the exploration or extraction of natural resources, or investment or development plans of any other nature that imply potential effects on the Sarayaku territory or essential aspects of their worldview or their cultural life and identity, the Sarayaku People must be consulted prior, adequately and effectively consulted, in full accordance with the international standards applicable to the matter.

asamblea 333

 Under this background, the Original Kichwa People of Sarayaku state the following:

  1. We ratify the total rejection of the decree of 1247 on the alleged prior consultation implemented by the Ecuadorian Government, for being unconstitutional and for not meeting the necessary legal conditions guaranteed by the constitution and international treaties.
  2. We flatly reject oil exploration and exploitation in our territory, programs considered obsolete in other countries, and we propose as an alternative for development, the implementation of KAWSAK SACHA (Living Jungle).
  3. The Sarayaku People will be vigilant against any intention of oil incursion into the Sarayaku territory.
  4. We demand that the Ecuadorian State faithfully comply with the sentence issued by the Inter-American Court regarding the guarantee of non-repetition.
  5. The People of Sarayaku will undertake a campaign of resistance at the local, national and international levels in defense of the rights to life and land.
  6. We call for unity and solidarity to peoples and nationalities, human rights organizations, environmentalists, academics and the general public, to a great minga in defense of Human Rights, Collectives and the Rights of Pachamama (Mother Earth).
  7. We reject the intervention of the oil companies in Block 10: AGIP-ENI, in Block 28: Petroecuador, ENAP of Chile, Belorusneft of Belarus, as well as Block 74: Andes Petroleum and Petroecuador for affecting the sources of the most important rivers in the Center -South of the Amazon, such as the Bobonaza, Pastaza, Puyo, Tigre, Anzu, Rutunu rivers and all the tributaries that are the last freshwater reserves in the region and a source of life for the peoples who inhabit this region.
  8. On the occasion of the visit to Ecuador of Pope Francis I, ambassador of the Gospel and of Peace in the world, we make a call to advocate for the Human Rights of the Original Peoples who still live in a healthy environment without contamination, thanks to our cultural legacy, we protect, conserve and defend the right of Mother Nature for the life of all human beings and the planet.

asamblea 22

Given and signed at the Ordinary General Assembly of the Original Kichwa People of Sarayaku, held on May 2 and 3, 2015.

Mr. Felix Santi


Mr. Nelson Gualinga


Mr. Marlon Santi Mr. Luis Gualinga

KURAKA OF KALI-KALI                                                          SHIWAKOCHA KURAKA

Jose Santi Akangau Malaver


Lenin Gualinga Floresmilo Cisneros


Renan Gualinga


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