Sarayaku, an example in the resistance.

Saturday, December 08

General Assembly, day 1

In faithful fulfillment of the tasks assigned to the Government Council of Sarayaku (TAYJASARUTA) during the period May 2011-2013, chaired by the highest authorities of Sarayaku: Tayak apu, Yanapak apu, kurakas, leaders and the people in general, the ordinary assembly of Sarayaku that will last two days.

The day of Saturday, December 08, revolved around the presentation of the semi-annual report that attests to the progress in the current management. Thus responding to a political-organizational ideal of transparency and commitment to the people.

Due to the indolence and delay in the response of the representatives of the State, a critical axis that crosses the community life of Sarayaku is that of health, for which José Gualinga called for solidarity and strengthening of the organization through initiatives local and ancestral knowledge for the good of its people.   

Franco Viteri -son of Don Raúl Viteri, the first leader of Sarayaku- one of the great leaders of the people of Sarayaku and current President of CONFENIAE, during his speech paid a fair tribute to the former tayak apu, rukus, yachaks and kaskirunas, Defenders of the Living Forest-Kawsak Sacha "Because it was they who left the path of the struggle that we must now continue." With these words he addressed the youth so that they have strength and energy in the face of the threat of new oil projects.

Tomorrow there will be a broad discussion of reflection and possible actions around the XI Oil Round, which, according to those present, will be the extermination of the peoples in resistance.

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