Pronouncement of the Original Kichwa People of Karayaku in its extraordinary assembly in the face of the unauthorized and illegal presence in our Territory of officials from Petroamazonas, Andespetroleum, the Ministry of the Environment and the Secretary of Hydrocarbons.

 On May 24, 2015, the Original Kichwa People of Sarayaku held an Extra Ordinary Assembly at the Casa del Medio Día to analyze in depth the unwelcome and illegal presence of officials from Petroamazonas, Andespetroleum, the MAE and the Secretary of Hydrocarbons in its territory.


On Wednesday, May 20 of this year, Sarayaku is aware that Petroamazonas, Andespetroleum, the MAE and the Hydrocarbons Secretariat, in order to justify the alleged prior consultation and carry out an alleged environmental impact study, the Environmental consultants ENTRIX, ABRUS With authorization from the MAE, they have proceeded to enter, covertly, using the communities of Teresa Mama, Chuva Kucha, as bases of operations, in the territory of Sarayaku, in the sector of the Rutunu River, Papaya, Wayakan, Tiwirima, Lantayaku, Kumal, purine areas and Kawsak Sacha reserves (Living Forest).


 This surprise appearance of the state oil companies in remote areas of the primary jungle of the Sarayaku territory is with the intention of affirming the future oil exploitation of blocks 74 and 75. For which, accomplices and unscrupulous people, lend themselves, to manipulate with lies and deceit, to small communities settled in the collectively owned territory of the Kichwa peoples of the Bobonaza River Basin and to reach their goals.


 Faced with this attack, the Original Kichwa People of Sarayaku denounce this new act of violation of collective and human rights, as well as infraction of the sentence granted by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, in the Sarayaku case, in 2012. Sarayaku categorically rejects this disguised income and considers it nefarious and in bad faith.

 With this background we declare:


That the Original Kichwa People of Sarayaku are mobilized and in a state of maximum alert.

Sarayaku gives 24 hours for the staff of the Entrix consulting company to leave Sarayaku territory.

The presence of strangers, without consultation and consent, in our territory, is a new violation and attack on our rights, for which Sarayaku expresses its most resounding rejection, according to the rules and regulations within our territory, enshrined in the constitution. , international laws and rights.

We categorically prohibit private companies Entrix and Abrus or other companies with the same purposes from entering the territory of Sarayaku, without consultation and consent of Tayjasaruta. In case of repetition, Sarayaku will proceed to defend its rights and its territory by exercising the pertinent and necessary actions.

 The Extraordinary Assembly of the people of Sarayaku declares the alleged socio-environmental impact studies carried out by these companies null and void and considers all the fauna, flora, lake and land information that was processed as an act of biopiracy and theft of ancestral knowledge.

 We radically reject the fact that, under the pretext of considering small settlements like Teresa Mama or Chuva Kucha, who have been lied to, as a community, saying that it is a study to grant projects and human development bonds and that it is not for oil exploitation, a prior consultation with the majority of the Sarayaku and Boberas Peoples acting in bad faith.

 We will not allow attempts to dismember the collective territory of the Kichwas by locating and zoning oil station points and areas through false information and false maps.

 We reserve ourselves to take legal measures against the people who maliciously planned this clandestine incursion and the company Petroamazonas, Andespetroleum and the Secretary of Hydrocarbons.

 We make the State responsible for everything that may happen and we make known to the national and international public opinion that we will defend Mother Nature, our territory, the jungle that gives us sustenance for our coexistence, until the last consequence.

 Felix Santi




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