Sarayaku in Lyon, France

On Thursday and Friday, October 20-21 of this year, a representative of the women and the Tayak Apu (President) of the Original Kichwa People of Sarayaku participated in a European Climate Conference in Lyon, France.

On this occasion, on Friday at three in the afternoon, local time, a cooperation agreement was signed between the Kichwa People of Sarayaku and the Rhône Alpes Region.

Through this agreement, Sarayaku and the Lyon region undertake, for the next three years, to work together for the preservation and conservation of the territories of indigenous peoples and nationalities; thus guaranteeing the application of the development model proposed by Sarayaku, based on the philosophy of Kawsak Sacha (living jungle) and the concept of Sumak kawsay (life in harmony).

It is the first time that an indigenous people can really exercise their collective rights and be recognized as an autonomous government. The signing of this agreement is a significant historical event for the Amazonian Indigenous Peoples in Ecuador.
It is a new strategy to combat global warming, with decentralized cooperation policies, open to proposals from the original peoples of the world.



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