Sarayaku, April 28, 2013



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At the close of the VI Congress of the Original Kichwa People of Sarayaku, unanimously by the five population centers that make up Sarayaku, in full exercise of a true democracy, the current Government Council of Tayjasaruta, chaired by the Tayak Apu, José Gualinga Montalvo, was ratified.


 After four days of intense debate, the active members of Sarayaku attended the "noon house" to resolve fundamental aspects of political-organizational life, such as the reform of the Statute that today incorporates a three-year presidential administration period.


 The actual  Tayjasaruta Government Council, made up of the President, Vice President and 18 leaders, demonstrated absolute solvency and transparency at the time of the presentation of its management report for the 2011-2013 period. It will have one more year of execution in accordance with the reform of the new statute, since in May 2014 the new congress of the People of Sarayaku will be held.

 The situation of the XI Oil Round was analyzed in detail and concluded with a Resounding No to the oil activity after the approval of the declaration of the Kawsak Sacha (Living Jungle) in the territory of the Kichwa People of Sarayaku.


 The reform of the statute excludes the hunting of endangered species such as the Amazonian tapir. This emblematic species will not be hunted for any reason. The prohibition of their hunting is valid even for parties, congresses and assemblies for a period of six years. After that, the existing population in the Sarayaku territory will be evaluated through fauna monitoring. 

On the other hand, on the eve of the 2014 electoral elections, leaders of recognized prestige were nominated as pre-candidates to occupy the positions of political tenure and parish council.

Veronique arrived at the sixth Congress  Moreira, Vice President of the Rhone Alpes Region of France to evaluate the international cooperation that is maintained between Sarayaku and this government entity whose work has been carried out since 2012.


 Thus, the VI congress culminated with the strength and unity of the people of Sarayaku, a people that remains vigilant in compliance with the sentence granted by the Inter-American Court in its favor in 2012 and that is certainly the example of perseverance, conviction and victory for the peoples of the world.


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