Sarayaku ratifies request that the President of the Republic offer a public apology


Press release

Thursday August 01,2013.


At 10 am today, the inter-institutional meeting took place to comply with the Inter-American Court Judgment granted in favor of Sarayaku on July 25. The meeting was attended by the State: Denisse Coka, Governor of Pastaza, Wilson Mayorga, Undersecretary of Justice, Human Rights and Cults (MJDHC), accompanied by representatives of the Intervention and Rescue Group (GIR) and the Ministry of the Environment of Ecuador (MAE).

Wilson Mayorga referred to various points regarding the state of compliance with the sentence.

In his speech, the Tayak Apu (President) of Sarayaku, Joscyl access. Like in the subsoil because in the jungle, the area is difficult and has high transportation costs. in those meetings é Gualinga, welcomed the significant advances in compliance with the sentence in terms of the training module on collective rights, compensation, translation and dissemination of the sentence. 

José Gualinga ratified the desire of his People that the President of the Republic of Ecuador be the one to preside over the act of public apology, as has happened in other cases presented before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, for which the Undersecretary of theMJDHCassumed the commitment to raise it again for the consideration of President Rafael Correa. The date is still pending.

Regarding non-repetition measures: “The sentence states that all administrative decree must be repealed to proceed with the consultation. Executive Decree 1247 has not been made with the participation of peoples and nationalities. We classify it as unconstitutional. We expect compliance as established in the act in order to advance positively in this measure, respecting the ancestral legitimacy of organizations and peoples”   José Gualinga inferred.

At the close of the work day, the Sarayaku technical team presented the proposal for the removal of the superficial pentolite with the objective of exchanging methodologies, schedules, activities and making coordination operational. This proposal involves a fundamental aspect: the degree of affectation to the “Kawsak Sacha-Living Jungle” for pentolite removal options. Marlon Santi explained that the environmental impact study must consider issues implicit in organizational life in education, health, culture and the possible effects on the protectors of nature. For the effect, a total duration of approximately 8 months is calculated.

In relation to this proposal, the personnel of the Ministry of the Environment of Ecuador will carry out a first visit in the company of delegates from Sarayaku to carry out surveys of the area known as "Wirakaspi", an area where the CGC company planted 1400 kg of pentolite during the exploration phase.

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